COVID-19 Home Monitoring System

The COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring System (CoSMoS) is an automated platform that assesses patients with suspected COVID-19 infection remotely to ensure accessible and timely monitoring.

How CoSMoS Works?

CoSMoS consists of a Telegram Chatbot for patients to report their symptoms daily and a Medical Dashboard to give convenience for doctors to easily carry out COVID-19 symptom monitoring remotely. Watch the video to learn more!

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Features of Our Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring System

Useful and Easy to Use

Patients have reported that CoSMoS is very useful for them to monitor their health and is really easy to use.

“The system also enabled the doctor to monitor me closely on a daily basis. I used to type and then there will be instant feedback. So in that sense that you feel reassured that I’m not alone. Unlike the card method, the doctors will only see it after 14 days.” (Male, 60 y/o)

“Yeah so it’s very simple and very easy to use and, the reminders are all there.”  (Male, 49 y/o)

CoSMoS - Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring Chatbot
Reduces Healthcare Burden by Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring System

Reduces Healthcare Burden

CoSMoS reduces 87% of doctors’ workload* in monitoring patients with suspected Covid-19 infection. (*Based on 19/6/2020 data)

Why Choose Our Covid-19 Symptom Monitoring Platform?

Steps on how we conduct the covid-19 symptom monitoring research

COVID-19 Symptom
Monitoring Research


CoSMoS was developed in three weeks using an agile development model. It was tested rigorously, rapidly and iteratively.


Feedback was actively sought from patients and doctors to help improve the utility, usability and implementability of CoSMoS.


CoSMoS is currently being implemented and used in a District Health Office to monitor Covid-19 suspected patients.​

COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring Research

Research Funding

The COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring System (CoSMoS) project is funded by the University of Malaya COVID-19 Implementation Research Grant (RG562-2020HWB)

Professional team who has developed covid-19 symptom monitoring system to assist doctors

About the Team

CoSMoS is developed through a close collaboration between clinicians from the UMMC Primary Care Medicine Department and the development team comprising 30 Malaysians currently in various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, China and Australia.

Core Team - University of Malaya

Prof Dr Ng Chirk Jenn (Lead) – FOM
Associate Professor Dr Adina Abdullah – FOM
Associate Professor Dr Chiew Thiam Kian – FCSIT
Associate Professor Dr Chan Chee Seng – FCSIT
Dr Haireen Abdul Hadi – FOM
Dr Liew Chee Sun – FCSIT
Dr Lim Hooi Min – FOM
Dr Abdul Muhaimin Noor Azhar – FOM
Dr Ng Wei Leik – FOM
Dr Teo Chin Hai – FOM

Interaction Designer

Mr Lim Chip Dong

Patient Advocate

Ms Sally Wong


Legal Advisor

Associate Professor Dr Tay Pek San – FOL

FOM: Faculty of Medicine
FCSIT: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
FOL: Faculty of Law


Technical Team - Students and graduates of the
FCSIT, University of Malaya

Mr Brandon Tan Zhirong
Mr Chee Wai Xiong
Mr Cheng Chen Xiang
Mr Cheng Wai Jun
Mr Chew Swee Keat
Mr Chin Jia Xiong
Mr Desmond Yeoh Teik Boon
Ms Foo Huei Ching
Mr Hoe Jiun Tian
Mr Khooi Xin Zhe
Mr Khor Philemon
Mr Koay Kuan Choang
Mr Koh Chang Jue
Mr Lee Dywei
Mr Lee Yee Run
Mr Lim Shin Wei
Mr Lo Sin Kuang
Mr Low Jie Fong
Mr Nathaniel Ong Yii Tak
Mr Ng Hao Siong
Mr Ng Kam Woh
Mr Poh Chi Jun
Ms Sii Jia Wei
Ms Tan Mei Yih
Mr Ting Wei Jing
Ms Yow Si Tian

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